The possibilities are almost endless when designing cabinets, but the graphic material needs a good resolution. The higher the resolution, the more detail the image has and you get a better result.

We recommend our customers to supply us with images in 300 DPI or more. It is also possible to get a nice result with 72 DPI material if delivered 1:1 relative to the chosen cabinet parts. (DPI stands for Dots Per Inch).

When it comes to colours and design, you can choose freely within the CMYK scale. The rest is entirely up to you.

Cabinet requirements

Here is a list of the requirements the cabinet must meet to make custom UV prints:

  • The cabinet must be made of metal or glass
  • The cabinet must be flat (studs or protruding edges may be allowed but they will cause print constraints)
  • The cabinet must not angle if you want logo or text. The surface must be completely even for a sharp result.